If your organization is hiring foreign workers and do not have “TKI management software” in place to monitor all the important expiring dates in (passport, Approval in Principle, Labour License, Foreign worker’s Compensation Scheme, Bank Guaranty, work permit ) and records of (Banker’s cheque, Levy resit, Calling visa/Pas lawatan kerja sementara, TKI arrival date, supplier details, warranty period, TKI’s next of kin ), our TKI management system is the solution to your problems.

Think of all the advantages.
With our TKI Management System “TMS” you get an Enterprise Level Software which is upgraded as of when needs arise and you can check all details on your foreign workers in http://www.apkagroup.com – login client (username and password) assign to your respective work place. All this for free when you signed up as our long term client.

If you are worried about:
• Application of Approval in Principle and Labour License
• Job Order (Employer/TKI contract) to be attest in Konsulat Jeneral Republik Indonesia
• Surat Izin Pengarahan “SIP” form (BNP2TKI) in Jakarta
• Recruitment of TKI
• Process TKI passport in Indonesia
• Transportation of TKI from their place of origin to work place in Malaysia
• Acknowledge Single Entry Visa in Malaysia’s embassy or consulate
• Handling arrival of TKI (immigration Indonesia/Malaysia)
• TKI arrival in your work place with Social Visit Pass / with permit valid under others
• Extension of Work permit / Labour License
• TKI without legal document

Then APKAGROUP Manpower Consultant Service is for you and your organisation because it addresses all of the above and more It allows you to;
• Be able to focus on your core business
• Be insulated from technology obsolescence
• Gives you the latest actionable information in real time

APKAGROUP will be in the business of :
• Recruitment of foreign workers
• Application and lobbying for timely approval
• Maintain user friendly Web base “Data” for client to monitor their foreign workers
• Consult and advise clients on latest policies  on foreign worker recruitment
• Process TKI’s passport in Mataram, Makassar, Parepare, Kupang, Soe, Surabaya & Jakarta through our own PPTKIS
• Transportation (sea, air, road ) in Indonesia & Malaysia

We aim to provide organisations with easy, convenience and most importantly affordable access to Business Oriented, Strategically Important Manpower Solutions. With this mind set, our customers can use existing and widely available Internet infrastructure to access our line of value-added information.